InQubeta Services

Inqubeta offers a range of services to support the growth and success of AI tech start-ups. We're committed to creating a transparent and democratic investment ecosystem that empowers the growth and success of AI technology start-ups.

Mentorship and guidance from experienced industry professionals

Inqubeta will provide access to a network of AI industry veterans who can offer valuable guidance and support to start-ups, helping them navigate the challenges of building and scaling their businesses.

Access to funding opportunities and investor networks

Through our NFT marketplace and fractional investment opportunities, start-ups will have access to a wide range of funding options and a community of investors who are passionate about supporting AI technology innovation.
Legal and accounting support
Start-ups will have access to legal and accounting support through Inqubeta's network of trusted advisors, ensuring that they are able to navigate legal and financial issues with confidence.

Business development and strategy guidance

Inqubeta will offer strategic guidance and support to start-ups, helping them to develop and refine their business plans, identify growth opportunities, and build successful businesses.

Networking opportunities with other start-ups and industry players

Through Inqubeta's community, start-ups will have the opportunity to network with other AI technology innovators and industry players, building valuable relationships and connections.
Marketing and branding support
Inqubeta will offer start-ups access to our extensive network of investors, industry professionals, and AI technology enthusiasts through our social media and marketing channels, helping them to build awareness, grow their network, and accelerate their growth and success in the AI technology space.