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In our quest to ensure maximum security and transparency for InQubeta's platform and its users, we have prioritized thorough auditing and compliance processes.
We have taken the necessary steps to ensure the robustness and safety of our protocol. Our smart contracts have undergone comprehensive audits by a leading cybersecurity companies in the blockchain space - Hacken. This independent audit has been conducted to verify the security of our platform, to identify and rectify any potential vulnerabilities, and to ensure our code operates as intended. This rigorous auditing process reflects our commitment to maintaining a secure environment for our users.
In addition to the protocol audits, we have instructed Block Audit, a highly reputed company in the blockchain industry, to perform our KYC procedure. This is a crucial step in ensuring the upmost confidence in the InQubeta Project.
At InQubeta, we firmly believe in the values of transparency, safety, and trust. Our commitment to these audits and compliance procedures serves to build confidence among our users and stakeholders, reinforcing our promise of creating a secure, reliable platform for investing in AI technology start-ups.