1. What is InQubeta and how does it work?

InQubeta is a crypto crowdfunding NFT platform that allows users to invest in AI start-up projects using QUBE tokens. The NFT marketplace enables start-ups to raise funds and engage with their community by offering a reward and equity-based NFTs.

2. What are the benefits of investing in InQubeta's QUBE token?

- Potential for long-term growth and value appreciation: By investing in QUBE tokens, investors can participate in the growth and success of AI technology start-ups, potentially generating significant returns over time.
- Access to a unique investment ecosystem: InQubeta's NFT marketplace provides a unique investment opportunity for those looking to support AI technology innovation and invest in the next generation of AI start-ups.
- Potential for staking rewards: By staking QUBE tokens on the InQubeta platform, investors can earn rewards from the dedicated reward pool, providing an additional source of income and incentivizing long-term investment in the QUBE token

3. How can I purchase QUBE tokens?

Qube tokens can be purchased during the presale period through the InQubeta website using ETH, USDT, BTC and many more supported cryptocurrencies.

4. What is the minimum investment amount for QUBE tokens?

The minimum investment amount for QUBE tokens is $50

5. How can I stake my QUBE tokens?

The QUBE tokens can be staked through the InQubeta staking dapp using supported wallets. Please find our staking dapp at

6. What are the rewards for staking QUBE tokens?

Staking $QUBE tokens allows investors to earn rewards from the 2% and 5% buy and sell tax that goes to a dedicated reward pool.

7. How can I earn rewards through the NFT marketplace?

Investors can earn rewards through the NFT marketplace by backing and investing in start-up projects that offer reward and equity-based NFTs.

8. How are the reward and equity-based NFTs created?

Reward and equity-based NFTs are created by minting each investment opportunity into an NFT and fractionalizing it, enabling anyone to back and invest in AI technology start-ups using QUBE tokens. You will earn based on the investment opportunity that is presented by the founders of the start-ups that you invest in.

9. How can AI start-ups apply for listing on InQubeta NFT Marketplace?

AI start-ups can apply for listing on InQubeta through the online form on the website. Apply Here

10. How are the start-up projects evaluated before being listed on the platform?

Start-up projects are evaluated based on their potential for growth and success, as well as their alignment with InQubeta's values and mission.

11. How can investors research and evaluate start-up projects on InQubeta?

InQubeta provides resources for investors to research and evaluate start-up projects, including information and reviews from the community and experienced investors and AI technology experts.

12. What is the roadmap for InQubeta's development and future plan

The roadmap for InQubeta's development includes expanding the NFT marketplace and introducing new features and partnerships to support the growth of the platform and the AI technology start-up community.

13. How can I get involved in the InQubeta community and stay updated on news and developments?

The InQubeta community can stay updated on news and developments through the InQubeta website and social media channels, as well as by joining the community forum and participating in discussions and events. See Here