Why QUBE Token?

As a deflationary ERC20 token, QUBE offers a unique investment opportunity for crypto investors looking to diversify their portfolios. With a 2% buy and sell tax going to a burn wallet and a 5% buy and sell tax that goes to a dedicated reward pool, QUBE holders can earn rewards through staking their tokens, making it an attractive investment for those who believe in the growth potential of AI technology start-ups.
By using QUBE on the Inqubeta NFT marketplace, investors can easily invest in AI start-ups through fractional investment opportunities, offering a reward and equity-based NFTs. This creates a seamless and efficient investment process that benefits both investors and start-ups, while the transparency and security of blockchain technology ensure a more democratic and accessible investment ecosystem.
As more investors and start-ups participate in the Inqubeta platform, demand for QUBE is expected to rise, driving up the token's value over time. By holding and staking QUBE tokens, investors can benefit from potential price appreciation and earn rewards from the dedicated reward pool. Overall, QUBE is a deflationary currency that is well-positioned to become the new standard for investing in AI technology.